Folder & File Structure

Here you find an overview of the files and folders that you get with the plain Xeditor package.

The only files that will be updated with npm update are contained in /node_modules.

Folder/fileCustomizable (y/n)Description
/distnContains built Xeditor package for deployment. Generated with xepack.
/node_modulesnDistributed Xeditor packages, tools, dependencies, and pre-configured schemas.
package-lock.jsonnNpm dependencies. Generated with npm install.
package.jsonyNpm info file (contains information like dependencies, used versions, project name).
/srcyContains the subfolder /js/config. This includes all JavaScript files necessary to build Xeditor (e.g., dialogs, plugins, roles, toolbars, schema config, etc.).
/WEB-INFyContains /xsl, /xsd, and /xml input files. Mainly used by the server / Blackbox
/staticyConstains static files for CSS, phrases, and HTML.
/logsnContains log files generated by blackbox server.
xeblackbox.config.jsyConfiguration for blackbox.
xepack.config.jsyConfiguration for xepack build tool in order to generate /dist. Optional and downloaded separately from core Xeditor package. Automatically included in pre-configured packages (demo, DITA, etc.).