Convert your DTD to an XSD schema

As already mentioned here, Xeditor uses it's own format representing the schema definition. Xeditor offers a tool for generating this configuration based on any XSD file. However, since you might be using a different schema file, like DTD, you would have to transform your existing DTD to an XSD first. In our experience, this transformation from DTD to XSD works best with trang, but you could also use other tools for this task.

The following part explains where to download and how to use this tool for achieving the proper transformation from DTD to XSD.

  1. Download the package It can be downloaded here.
  2. Use the command line to navigate to the unzipped Trang package: cd folder
  3. Note: Before running command line code you will need to adjust your file path depending on where you unzipped Trang and have your DTDs located. Enter the following on the command line:
java -jar trang.jar pathToSourceDirectory/file.dtd pathToDestinationDirectory/file.xsd

Congratulations! You now successfully converted your DTD file(s) to the XSD format, which Xeditor is capable of handling properly. This generated XSD file(s) is the basis for the next steps of the configuration of Xeditor.