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Version 2.0

What it does

This plugin adds the functionality to create comments to Xeditor.


First you have to switch into your project location using the command line.

cd path/to/your/project

Now you should be in the same directory as the package.json file. Then you can install the plugin as follows:

npm install @xeditor/plugin-comment --save --registry


The demo configuration of the plugin looks like this:

    pluginId: 'comment',
    ptype: 'uxxeditorcomment'


The API can be found here: Comment Plugin 2.0


This plugin exports the following button templates that can be used in your toolbar configuration:

Name Function
button:xeditor.comment Creates new comment
button:xeditor.comment.previous Selects previous comment Selects next comment

Updating from Version 1.3

  • install new version using npm npm install --registry




  • Fixed handling of select next comment button in order to properly select next comment instead of previous one
  • Fixed issue causing delete button of commments to be enabled in read only mode



  • Added parameter date to addReply-method
  • Added functionality that replies can be added triggered not by user (in that case value anmd selection of relpy field is not reset)
  • Adjusted reviewbar update handling to avoid loosing comment drafts in reply input field
  • Changed toolbarType to type
  • Changed to new way toolbar buttons are updated
  • Adapted usages of updated methods getPlainText and getNodeTextOffset as no spaces are added automatically anymore and therefore the result has changed


  • Added Bugfix to not get errors in overflow menu if button contains custom attributes