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Version 1.1

What it does

This plugin adds support for tables and table actions to Xeditor. If configured, you can easily insert new rows/columns and perform merges between table cells.


First you have to switch into your project location using the command line.

cd path/to/your/project

Then you can install the plugin as follows:

npm install @xeditor/plugin-htmltable --save --registry


The demo configuration of the plugin looks like this:

    pluginId: 'htmltable',
    ptype: 'uxxeditorhtmltable',
    enableContextMenu: true,
    tableType: 'tab_table',
    captionType: 'tab_caption',
    headType: 'tab_head',
    bodyType: 'tab_body',
    footType: 'tab_foot',
    rowType: 'tab_row',
    cellType: 'tab_cell',
    headCellType: 'tab_headcell',
    colSpanAttribute: 'colspan',
    rowSpanAttribute: 'rowspan'


The API for the plugin can be found here: htmltable plugin API


This plugin exports the following button templates that can be used in your toolbar configuration:

Button Action
'button:xeditor.table.insertrowbefore' Insert row before current row
'button:xeditor.table.insertrowafter' Insert row after current row
'button:xeditor.table.deleterow' Delete current row
'button:xeditor.table.moverowup' Move row up
'button:xeditor.table.moverowdown' Move row down
'button:xeditor.table.insertcolumnbefore' Insert column before current column
'button:xeditor.table.insertcolumnafter' Insert column after current column
'button:xeditor.table.deletecolumn' Delete current column
'button:xeditor.table.movecolumnleft' Move current column left
'button:xeditor.table.movecolumnright' Move current column right
'button:xeditor.table.mergeright' Merge current cell right
'button:xeditor.table.mergeleft' Merge current cell left
'button:xeditor.table.mergeup' Merge current cell up
'button:xeditor.table.mergedown' Merge current cell down
'button:xeditor.table.splitcolumn' Split current column
'button:xeditor.table.splitrow' Split current row




  • Added shortcut for insert row after last cell
  • Added config for name of shortcut