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Version 1.1

What it does

Provides search mechanisms for text and element searches. Also provides dialogs to search for its


First you have to switch into your project location using the command line.

cd path/to/your/project

Now you should be in the same directory as the package.json file. Then you can install the plugin as follows:

npm install @xeditor/plugin-searchreplace --save --registry


The default configuration of the plugin looks like this:

    pluginId: 'searchreplace',
    ptype: 'uxxeditorsearchreplace',
    searchConfig: {
        enableRegExpSearch: true,
        smartSearchMode: 'enabled'

It should be placed in your plugin configuration file (plugins.js as default).


The API for the plugin can be found here: searchreplace plugin API




  • Now displays the text in the Search and Replace field of the dialog as soon as it has been opened via the search box


  • Replace field will now be disabled in non edit modes of editor