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Spellchecker plugin v3.0

What it does

This plugin adds spellcheck functionality to Xeditor. It uses Hunspell dictionaries and is based on language tools.


First you have to switch into your project location using the command line.

cd path/to/your/project

Now you should be in the same directory as the package.json file. Then you can install the plugin as follows:

npm install @xeditor/plugin-spellchecker --save --registry


The demo configuration of the plugin looks like this:

    pluginId: 'spellchecker',
    ptype: 'uxxeditorspellchecker',
    spellCheckerURL: '/editor/spellchecker'


The API for the plugin can be found here: spellchecker plugin API


This plugin exports the following button templates that can be used in your toolbar configuration:

Name Function
button:xeditor.spellchecker.configure Opens spell check language configuration window
button:xeditor.spellchecker.check Toggles spell check




  • Fixed insert-space-after-handling during text for check detection to avoid having wrong spellcheck marker offsets
  • Fixed insertBefore/appendChild/removeChild-listeners that marked certain elements to be rechecked. Before it marked always all altered elements to recheck even if eg it was root wich was alterered due to new document part show (so element was frame element and therefore not actually altered). This lead to way too many requests and elements that have not been altered to being checked again



  • Adapted usages of updated methods getPlainTextLength and getNodeTextOffset as no more spaces are added automatically and therefore the results have changed
  • Added a extension for the ajax provider
  • Changed all ajax calls to use the provider instead