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title: "v6.15.0 (August 17, 2023)" metaTitle: "v6.15.0 (August 17, 2023)"

metaDescription: "Release notes for Xeditor version 6.15.0"


Module '@xeditor/core@6.15.0'


  • Added support for WAI ARIA labels to toolbar buttons. Configured tooltip/text will automatically be set as ARIA label
  • Added support for WAI ARIA roles to role configuration. Each role can now use set a proper ARIA role configured elements. Role overrides can be used in order to set WAI ARIA roles individually on element level. For this, the role configuration flag ariaRole has been added
  • Added support for WAI ARIA label configuration on element level. Within your types definition, you can now set the property ariaLabel directly on element level


  • Flag Editor::enableUserSettings will now be passed to constructor of Ext.ux.xeditor.SettigsManager
  • Added fix for comments on specific boundaries
  • Fixed issue where markerType was always commentwhich prevented custom marker types from working properly