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A simple way to get the latest updates.

What will be updated

When updateing Xeditor using npm, included packages, like Xeditor Core, installed plugins and the Blackbox as well as NodeJS dependencies will be updated. Therefore only the contents of the folder node_modules wil be updated. Your files in /static, /src and /WEB-INF won't be changed/overridden by your update.

How the versioning works

The file package.json contained in your Xeditor project folder contains next to available scripts the currently used packages that are installed. When you install a new plugin using npm install --save a corresponding entry will be added to the dependencies.

On preconfigured Xeditor packages, the version of the dependency will be described like this:

Example preconfigured package dependency:

"@xeditor/core": "~5"

This means that the Xeditor Core package will be included from version 5.0.0 until exclusively 6.0.0. Therefore, all patch and minor releases of Xeditor core will be installed by running npm update. This ensures that npm update will not install any major release automatically. If you want to install the next major release you can simply adjust the used version number in the file package.json.

On installed Xeditor packages, like plugins, the dependency will be described like this:

Example install package dependency:

"@xeditor/plugin-autosave": "^1.0.0",

How to perform the update

In order to update to the newer Xeditor patch or minor releases, proceed as follows

  1. Switch into the location of your Xeditor project using your command line tool.
  2. Delete your file package-lock.json if any exists.
  3. Note

    The update process may take a while.

    Update the packages using npm:

    npm install --registry

Change logs

Change logs for each node package may be found at