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Version 5.1

Updating from version 5.0

  • install new version using npm npm install --registry


The API can be found here: Xeditor 5.1

Important changes in this version

  • Documents only containing root element can now be opened
  • Search&Replace dialog will use active selection as search content, when the window is opened




  • Fixed check in onMouseUpAfter Event listener in EventManager that prevented Replies created in the reviewbar to be shown



  • Fixed Document.getNodeType to return '_notype' on nodes without hasAttribute fn
  • Fixed Document.getNodeType to return '#document if iframe document is given
  • Fixed SelectionManager.updateActive to set 'outsideDocument' to true and avoid exceptions if event target is outside of document
  • Fixed wrong regular expression in addClass/hasClass
  • Not handled default browser shourtcuts that would change the content will now be prevented as default
  • Fixed copy/paste/cut/keydown handling when cursor/focus is not inside editor content frame
  • Added additional checks to support opening only the root element
  • Added bugfix to not stop key input while clipboard manager is active.


  • Find/Replace-Dialog will now use selected text as search value
  • Added an event to setDirty of the Editor.
  • Changed all assignments where Editor.dirty where used to setDirty.
  • Set property collapseMode of accordion panel to placeholder in order to enable override options
  • Added phrase for accordion panel title
  • Added highlighting of comments using review bar
  • Added highlighting of changes
  • Changed behaviour of contextmenu to only show it if event target is acutal editor content
  • Find/Replace-Dialog will now use selected text as search value