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Version 5.2

Updating from version 5.1

  • install new version using npm npm install --registry


The API can be found here: Xeditor 5.2

Important changes in this version

  • Reviewbar performance improvements
  • Added JSDuc documentation for clipboard events (see new API)
  • Imporved handling of isDirty flag
  • Toolstips now also show up on disabled buttons




  • Adjusted keydown listener to properly close all active menus and reset selection/focus on ESC
  • Undo/redo now clears editor dirty state if prior/next history entry state was clean (changes in historymanager/editor)
  • Editor Shortcut-/Context-/Breadbrumbmenuitems are now more generally disabled if cursor is inside removed content but only those entries that would really change the removed content are
  • Fixed space-key handling in onKeyDownBefore-listener to avoid inserting nbsp chars as first textnode char even if spaces are preserved
  • Added focus call to insert/change/break menus
  • Undo/Redo actions will now call full state update as otherwise some context sensitive buttons (like some table actions) wouldn't be properly updated
  • Added Methods copyElement, copyPlainText, and cutElement including before and after events to ClipboardManager
  • Added style property whiteSpace = pre to all clipboard element in order to fix issue that caused white spaces to be removed after inline elements
  • Added workaround for Chrome + Safari issue when copying and pasting bold and italic elements from within Xeditor
  • Added missing JS doc for ClipboardManager events
  • Reviewbar entries will now be properly positioned after TOC item was used for navigation
  • Introduced array HistoryManager.classNamesToIgnoreActions to store all class names that should not be processed on undo/redo


  • Changes inside the reviewbar to speed up the performance significantly
  • Updated CSS theme in order to support tooltips on disabled buttons
  • Added show/hide listeners on core toolbar menus to properly use activeMenus array
  • Extended historymanager to also store and restore the editor dirty state inside each history entries pre/post-data
  • Extended editor.isDirty to also properly reset history entry dirty states if the editor dirty state is set to false (eg on save)
  • Added flag validateIfRemoved to element.schemaCheck to only check removed elements if set to true
  • Added opt parameter reference to editor.checkMenuItemsBeEnabled to give the possibility to provide a reference node to check if removed
  • Added parameter ignoreAttributes to Element.mergeInto
  • Added return property attributesNotEqual to Element.mergeInto
  • Element.mergeInto now only considers an attribute not equal if its value from the source element differs from the attributes default value and from the value of the destination element
  • Add a smart search. This currently unifies all whitespace characters and removes the Zero With Spaces from the search term. This can be configured via editor.smartSearchMode
  • Added ability to replace selected content (overstrike mode) containing inline formats
  • Added events to reviewbar including creation and removale of entries and selection of entries
  • Added methods to review bar entries for setting configurations on entries. Will be used to enable/disable buttons on entries
  • Added support for ctrl + home + ctrl + end shortcuts. When used, selection will now jump to start/end of document, regardless of the current document part
  • Changed updateToolbarState listener to enable insert/edit etc buttons in the toolbar even if cursor is in removed content