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Version 5.5

Updating from version 5.4

  • install new version using npm npm install --registry


The API can be found here: Xeditor 5.5

Important changes in this version

  • Introduces new button types for reformatting elements. They will change the current format to defined target format in a word similar way




  • Added EventManager.handleInsertElement wich is used by EventManager.onInsertButtonClick
  • Added EventManager.handleConvertElement wich is used by EventManager.onConvertButtonClick and EventManager.onConvertOnInsertButtonClick
  • Added Document.wrapElements to wrap elements with types provided. This is now used by wrapSelection
  • Added Document.convertElements to convert elements using configuration provided into a target element type
  • Added Events beforeconvertelements and convertelements wich are fired by the document on convertElements execution
  • Added new core button types xeditor.convert and xeditor.convertOrInsert wich can be used in the toolbar
  • Added click listener for convert type buttons to event manager
  • Ajusted core update toolbar state logic to properly switch state of conversion toolbar buttons
  • Added configuration flag contextMenuItemSelectionToRoot. If set to false, the element entries in the context menu will be reversed, meaning the root elemnt will be the first entry and the selected element the last
  • Added resize listener to body element in order to adjust selection when window size changed


  • Bugfix to show context menu on tags and other non element types
  • Bugfix to only fix the state for changed elements in insertElements
  • Fixed issue that comment selection lost after undo
  • Fixed issue in IE that caused the selection to jump to previous parts of the current container while typing
  • Fixed issue in IE that caused the selection being randomly set as a range on the next few characters while typing fast
  • Changed nonInputKeys Array because KeyCode is not the same in Firefox and Chrome
  • Fixed issue in Find/Replace-Dialog that prevented the selected text to be added to the search field automatically