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Version 6.5

Updating from version 6.4

  • install new version using npm npm install --registry


The API can be found here: Xeditor 6.4




  • Fixed selection move on space if whitespace is in front of selection
  • Fixed SelectionManager::searchNextCursorPosition to not ignore whitespace



  • Added method findWordBoundary to Ext.ux.xeditor.Document to find word boundaries using elements
  • Added method findWordBoundary to Ext.ux.xeditor.Util to find word boundaries inside text
  • Added support for UTF-16 surrogate pairs in deleteCharacter
  • Added hide and show functionality to reviewbar entries
  • Added possibility to use additional ExtJS components in toolbar (not only buttons). To do so, just add raw: true and xtype property to button configuration
  • Marked removeSelectionClasses as deprecated, since it's no longer used
  • Improved update of selection class to no longer remove it from all elements before adding it to selected elements. it will now only remove it from elements that are no longer selected
  • Added new default keybinding xeditor.selectAll which selects the root element and allows copy/cut/delete of the whole content
  • Adjusted SelectionManager.updateActive to not update the selection if all content is selected
  • Adjusted Frame.fixDocumentPart to not restrict selection size to document part size if whole content is selected
  • Changed behaviour of date and time attribute changes so field is not reset if value is not valid
  • Added property cacheConfuseIdentifier to library util


  • Changed .innerText to .appendChild(document.createTextNode("")) since otherwise no text node will be created on empty text
  • The problem that targetBoundary was rendered twice for 'Frame::addDocumentPart' if the target was already inside the frame has been fixed.
  • Fixed internal remove handling of the Range class to support Ctrl+X within text that was inserted by the same author
  • Fixed escaping for reviewbar
  • Fixed logic for getting the boundary in addDocumentPart
  • Disabled animation of accordion collapse since this caused removal of frame content in some cases
  • Adjustments in TextLengthCache to allow opening of documents without text
  • Added check for text in elements with role inline in Document::deleteCharacter
  • Adjusted UserProfile to properly use id as fullname/displayname/thumbnail fallback if user was loaded without first/lastname/thumbnail
  • Fixed clipboard paste handler to properly get all clipboard data
  • Fixed handling if attribute field becomes invalid so it is not cleared immediately
  • Fixed text offset issue when last char was removed from textnode using DEL
  • Fixed offset problem with fast text insertion with track changes being enabled