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Version 6.7

Updating from version 6.6

  • install new version using npm npm install --registry


The API can be found here: Xeditor 6.6




  • Added a new Method Ext.ux.xeditor.SelectionManager::maySelect to only select the passed value if the current selection is invalid
  • Changed Ext.ux.xeditor.EventManager::onMouseDownBefore to use the event.detail instead of the click count.
  • Extended Ext.ux.xeditor.SelectionManager::get to inform about the current focused node.
  • Extended Ext.ux.xeditor.Util::replaceVariables to allow the execution of functions. So it is possible to display differnt versions for numbers (zero, one, N).
  • Introduces new class Ext.ux.xeditor.SelectionNode in order to be able to place cursor before/after tags
    • Behaviour can be enabled by setting Ext.ux.xeditor.Editor.enableLegacySelectionHandling to false
  • Adjustments on selection handling enabling the user to
    • Properly select empty nodes
    • Properly have a range of multiple elements selected
    • Improved navigation using arrow keys
  • Introduces new property Ext.ux.xeditor.Editor.inXMLMode, which will usually be set to true when tag view is enabled. If set to true, Xeditor will offer a more XML like user experience
  • Introduces new class Ext.ux.xeditor.DragDropManager handling drag & drop actions
  • Added drag & drop features to highlighted text and elements
  • Add new class Ext.ux.xeditor.SettingsManager to be used for setting and reading user settings in indexed DB
  • Adjusted EvenManager.onTriggerSave to only save document if it is dirty
  • Add getter methods for multiple protected properties of Ext.ux.xeditor.Editor


  • Fixed internal remove handling of the Range class to support Ctrl+X in inserted Text of the same person.
  • Fixed Range::remove to handle ranges with endOffset false while track changes is active correctly.
  • Fixing the behavior in Node::findFrameOnlyNodeTargetFrameNode
  • Fixed internal remove handling of the Range class to support Ctrl+X within text that was inserted by the same author
  • Fixed the adding of classes on the frame body
  • Added safety check to getElements when elements may be removed to catch a edgecase where there is no selection parent
  • Fixed JSDuck of EventManager.onWindowKeyDownBefore
  • Fixed default value of params parameter of AjaxProvider.requestData
  • Fixed issue in deleteCharacter causing incorrect selection if complete document was selected