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Version 6.8

Updating from version 6.7

  • install new version using npm npm install --registry


The API can be found here: Xeditor 6.8




  • enableNotifications will now always create a new instance of the notificator class and assign it to the editor. This flag will configure to use toasts if enabled, dialogs otherwise.
  • Introduced shortcut for inserting nbsp, set to Ctrl+Space as default
  • Introduced new helper Method Document::insertCharacter for inserting given character at current cursor position
  • Introduced new NSBP handling causing NBSPs automatically inserted by the browser to be not part of the resulting XML content
    • instead of NBSPs user actions will insert private UTF-8 character Ext.ux.xeditor.Editor.ALTERNATE_NBSP_CHARACTER which will be replaced with regular NBSPs upon save
    • NBSPs that got automatically inserted by the browser will be replaced with regular spaces upon save
    • Causes the resulting XML to only contain NBSPs that were actively inserted by the user
    • Added util methods replaceNBSPWithAlternateCharacter and replaceAlternateNBSPCharacter
  • Added button xeditor.showWhitespaces which will enable/disable display of whitespace characters.
  • Added font that offers whitespace support
  • Changed property placeHolderChar to be a config
  • Changed default value of placeHolderChar from zero-width-space to private UTF-8 character (uF6DA)
  • Updated webFontConfig to handle new fonts


  • Removed unused properties and configs from API documentation
  • Added saveParams to the provider save when saving document
  • Removing with Ctrl+Backspace fixed
  • Fixed issue causing Drag&Drop being enabled even though editor was not in edit mode
  • Fixed the border of table header row in FireFox
  • Fixed a bug that when notifications are disabled a JavaScript error is thrown if the license check fails