Xeditor Documentation

In this documentation you will find every information you need to work with Xeditor.

You will find guides about how to setup Xeditor, either with one of Xeditors pre-configured schemas or with your own schema. Here you'll find also instructions on how to convert your DTDs into XSDs.

In the basic and advanced guide, you will find detailed information about configuration and customization options and how to achieve them. The basic guide focuses on the basic configuration you would need when configuring Xeditor from scratch, and can be viewed as the follow up of the getting started chapter. In the advanced guide you learn configuration options that go beyond the basic ones (e.g. how to create a custom plugin or how to handle multiple schemas).

If you need more background information about the general way Xeditor works, and the architectural implementation, you can find this in concept. There are a lot of information about e.g. the underlying technologies and how menus, document splitting and the middleware server work in Xeditor.

Furthermore, you find some information about how to integrate Xeditor into your IT environment.

A list of all the Xeditor release notes can be found here.