Middleware Server

Xeditor offers the optional use of a middleware server, called the Blackbox. The Blackbox server is based on Node.js and can be installed on any operation system within your environment. It communicates with Xeditor and your backend server. It will handle all the Xeditor core services and only requests necessary information, like XML input, from your server.

If you use it you do not have to adapt Xeditor's backend services into your own language / system (.NET, Java, PHP, etc.).

For example, when loading a file, you do not have to perform the required transformation from XML to HTML. You only have to pass the requested XML to the Blackbox and it will take care of all necessary steps.

Document loading & saving

In the following image you see how the document loading and saving works in Xeditor using our middleware server.

Document loading and saving

How it works:

When starting Xeditor, it will send a request for XML content to the Blackbox server. The Blackbox server will then send a request to your own server. The request will contain all parameters and request headers that have been send to the Blackbox.

When you pass the requested XML as a response back to the Blackbox, it will perform all required operations, like the transformation to HTML. The result will be passed back to Xeditor automatically.


  • You do not have to implement Xeditor's core services yourself
  • New features that require backend logic do not need to be adapted to your system. The Blackbox will always support Xeditor core services
  • Your server does not have to be connected to the internet, as it only needs to communicate with the Blackbox
  • Xeditor core services will be maintained by the Xeditor development team