v6.1.0 (February 05, 2020)

Core v6.1.0


  • Added events beforesetbrowserselectionand setbrowserselection to selection manager
  • Added configs enableAutoSelectWholeNode and enableEditorCursorHandling to the editor.
  • Added keybingins xeditor.moveCursorLeft and xeditor.moveCursorRight to improve cursor handling
  • Added new cursor movement logic to selection manager. This logic is able to fix some selection mistakes of the browser. You have to enable them using enableEditorCursorHandling and you have to use the xeditor.moveCursorLeft, xeditor.moveCursorRight keybindings (Or just the xeditor.default keybinding group).
  • Remove the placeholders in the document. Placeholders are now only added in the frame.


  • Fixed deleteWord-shortcut to also handle diacritics properly
  • Fixed placeholder char handling on empty textnodes
  • loadDocumentHtml, saveDocument, openDocumentById of Editor class as well as save, load, getUserData, validate, transformToXml, transformFromXml and transformFromOffice of all Provider classes now support additonal extraParams parameter to be able to provide custom parameters to the requests.