Update Guides

In this chapter we will give you detailed information about how you can easily update Xeditor.

Version policy

In general you can install a new version easily by using npm: npm install --registry https://npm.xeditor.com.

For patches and minor updates you can do this without hesitation since there won't be any breaking changes. By setting the affected flag you are always able to choose if you wish to use the new feature or error fix.

In this chapter we explain for the minor and patch releases which options you have and which steps would be necessary to use our new implementations and features.

For our product versions we use the commonly used semantic versioning.

Based on a version number of MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH, each element is incremented as follows:

  • MAJOR is incremented when API incompatible changes are released,
  • MINOR is incremented when new functionality compatible with the previous API is released, and
  • PATCH is incremented when changes include API-compatible bug fixes only.

How to find out which version of Xeditor you are using

The easiest way to determine your Xeditor version would be to open up Xeditor, open your browsers console, and type in the following command:


It will then output the version. You can also do this with all of the plugins by adjusting the class name, e.g.


Updating Xeditor

Just as a regular NodeJS project, used modules and their version are defined within the package.json file. As long as no major release is part of the update, updating Xeditor is quite easy and only requires a few simple steps:

  1. open the file package.json located in your project
  2. locate the modules you want to update within the dependencies object
  3. adjust the version number to the desired version
  4. delete the node_modules folder
  5. run npm install to install all dependencies

That's it! Xeditor and it's modules is now updates to your desired version.

If a major release is included, we will provide you with specific instructions on what steps to perform for the update (if any).